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Tau Beta Sigma Colony at Paul Quinn College


William Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn College was founded by a small group of African Methodist Episcopal circuit-riding preachers in Austin, Texas, April 4, 1872.  The African Methodist Episcopal Church, under the leadership of Bishop J. M. Brown opened the College.  In 1877, the College was moved to Waco, Texas and was called Waco College, where it was established in a modest one-building trade school that taught newly freed slaves the skills of blacksmithing, carpentry, tanning, and saddle work. 

Later under the direction of Bishop William Paul Quinn, A.M.E districts were developed throughout the South and funds became available to improve the College.  Under Bishop Quinn’s direction, the College expanded in land ownership and over time purchased more than twenty acres.  The College’s curriculum also expanded to include Latin, mathematics, music, theology, English, carpentry, sewing, household and kitchen and dining room work. 

In May 1881, the College was chartered by the State of Texas, and, in that same year, the name was changed to Paul Quinn College, in commemoration of Bishop William Paul Quinn.  Bishop Quinn served as representative of the western small states for approximately thirty years. 

For more than 131 years, the sustenance and growth of the College has been the result of strong and determined leadership; a leadership with tenacity, an indefatigable spirit, and a love for humankind.  It is this legacy of faith that has also led the College to its current location. 

In 1990, Paul Quinn College relocated to Dallas, Texas, and, under the direction of a committed Board of Trustees and a visionary President, the College continues to grow and expand.  Through vision and faithful determination, the College has achieved record enrollments in student growth, support from the surrounding community, fiscal stability, soundness with the academic programs, and moral and spiritual strength.  Paul Quinn College now celebrates a thirteen-year period in Dallas.

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Paul Quinn College